Maiaflow is my daily practice. Maiaflow is mindfulness and being present. Maiaflow is finding the balance between both mental and physical stability and flexibility. Maiaflow is honoring your holistic self; your body, mind and spirit. Maiaflow is doing the work to understanding yourself and your relationship to the world. Maiaflow is finding light inside yourself and inside every person. Maiaflow is believing every being in the universe deserves to be happy and free. Maiaflow is practicing gratitude and speaking truth. It is what I am, but it is also what I aspire to be. It is the journey I am on, and the destination I have yet to reach. My mission is not to tell you to follow my flow – it is to inspire you to find and express your own flow.

I’m Maia. I believe that every person deserves to feel good in their bodies and minds. Yoga leads to the awareness that brings about that connection. I am a 200-hour certified yoga teacher based in New York City. I teach vinyasa yoga, but my practice goes beyond the physical – I study and incorporate meditation, mindfulness, the chakras, mantras and more into my teaching. My practice has changed my life and I made this website to share it with you.

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