expressing our truth is one of the most simple and most powerful tools we have. this power becomes most evident in the attempts of the powerful to silence those expressions of truth. beware of those who use yogic concepts against those who speak truth. speaking truth is not violent. silencing truth-tellers is violent. i’ve seen it a couple times now in the yoga community- someone speaks out, someone else takes offense and calls “ahimsa” on the situation. ahimsa is the first of the yoga sutras, meaning non-violence. it’s infuriating to see people who represent yoga to so many (which is problematic in itself, but that’s a story for another caption) saying those telling the truth are being violent, and therefore not yogic. those telling the truth are exposing violence. if your concepts of peace and love and ahimsa are just euphemisms with which you silence me, you can keep them. i will choose telling the truth, even if it hurts to hear, every time. i have too much love for this practice to stay silent. if you’re wondering what i’m talking about see recent posts from @kinoyoga. @nolatrees , i see you and i support you. i am so grateful for your insistence on speaking truth and the sacrifices you’ve made to do so. you make me proud to be a yoga teacher and a defender of the heart of this ancient healing practice. #aloyoga #codyapp