transformational times

transformational times. been doing a lot of healing lately, mind and body. i’ve finally found a good physical therapist and i’m learning about and healing my body. years of less than totally mindful and embodied practice in my hyper mobile body has left me with pain. years of pain has left me feeling helpless and defeated. but i feel like i’m finally understanding how i got here. i’m on the path, i’m growing, transforming into something more stable, more mindful. a benefit of all of this is that i’m learning an incredible amount. i’ve been focusing more on being a student than being a teacher. teaching, and helping facilitate the healing i’m experiencing now is still the goal and i’m more sure of that every day, but this process has humbled me and inspired me to learn more about the beautiful complexity of our anatomy. so many good things to come. patience is a virtue ☝️ love you all so much 🗺