this year has been transitional 🦋
building healthy habits. learning about my body and my mind. coming to terms with the work i need to do to be the best me.
i appreciate all of you still following. i know i haven’t been posting asana stuff … at all. i have feelings about the saturation of thin cis white bodies in the hashtag yoga space, but i also have been rebuilding my personal practice from the ground up, and i haven’t felt ready to share. my hypermobility went unchecked for about 20 years before my muscle pain got bad enough that i had to address it. now, i am working on the baby steps instead of going straight to handstands and deadlifts. first, i’m working on stabilizing my joints and finding balance. live and learn.
i want to be the best friend, sister, daughter, student, teacher, and human i can be. i want to use my voice to help us all get free, together. i want to be open and authentic in sharing my journey. so grateful for all the tests and lessons. thank you for listening. i love you so much. stay tuned 🎻