it’s been a week since we all woke up to the news about las vegas. is it time to talk about gun control yet?
the language we use to characterize events like this is important. to a rational mind it doesn’t make any sense why someone would do what he did – but it was not a “senseless” act. every time we call violence like this “senseless” we move further from understanding, further from healing, further from solutions. this was not random, this was not particularly unique, this was not senseless. he bought guns legally thanks to our country’s inability to pass meaningful gun control legislation. but it really goes deeper than that. limiting access to guns for civilians is not enough. we must remember that gun violence is very commonly waged at the hands of those who are supposed to protect us. we must demilitarize the police. the argument for the militarization of the police is that we need protection. but despite all the guns the lvpd had last week, they still couldn’t stop what happened. i don’t have any ideas how to go about disarming this gun obsessed country (or how we begin to detach ourselves from documents written over 200 years ago by slaveowners) but i know we must be unafraid to hope for something better. we might have to settle for today. but i dream of a different conception of safety, a different world. and i know i’m not the only one.
holding all victims of gun violence close to my heart, today and every day.
also – happy indigenous peoples day.