call it what it is


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white supremacy. this is america. this country was founded on white supremacist ideals. don’t say this isn’t who we are, because it is. those people with tiki torches marched because they are afraid of change. they are afraid of america changing from what it has always been: a country by and for white people first and foremost. in a way i find “white nationalist” to be a euphemism for “white supremacist terrorist”, but these people really do represent the core of what this nation was founded on- civil rights and freedom for white people who are dependent on the subjugation of people of color. this is not an issue of hate on “many sides”. there is only one side that believes their hatred and bigotry is righteous. all the other sides are just trying to survive. we must not mince words. this is white supremacy. this is terrorism. this is america. everything needs to change.
RIP heather heyer.