freedom is no fear: gymnastics 002

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learning new things feels so good 😭😍 i love the gymnastics spring floor because it allows me to let go of the fear of falling forward in my inversions. thanks to a class pass trial and an invitation to a new yoga studio from a friend, i have been trying lots of new classes around the city. in the yoga class i tried this weekend, we learned this awesome exit strategy out of handstand. when you feel your legs tipping too far forward, you rotate one of your hands to the side to twist out of it to prevent falling forward into a wheel/onto your back. i practiced it today on the springy floor and it felt amazing. when i feel safe to kick up with enough power (unlike the first time where i don’t kick up high enough-when my hips pike i can see the fear!), i can really build the muscle memory to find my center line on the first try. having an exit strategy is the key to stepping out of fear and into freedom 👐 thanks to @laurenmcramer , Ge, and all the coaches at chelsea piers 💕💕💓🙏 #freedomisnofear #plaayhaadhaanilyyly