shoulder stability

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my 2017 has been all about creating routines. from solidifying my meditation practice, to journaling, to my skincare routine, it’s important to me to make the time every single day for things that make me feel good. getting stronger makes me feel amazing, so i try to make time for my physical therapy exercises and strength training most days of the week. through physical therapy and strength training, as well as hours of research into the mechanics of the shoulder and back, i have found a lot of relief from my muscle tightness and pain in my scapular region. i’m starting to accept that stabilizing and strengthening with my hypermobility is going to be a lifelong journey, but it feels good to be on the path 🌱
i wanted to share a few of the exercises that i learned from my physical therapist with a resistance band that i do at home to create more stability in this region. i do them verrrry sloooow.. this video is sped up 2x. also my back is a bit red because i was rolling on my self massage balls and doing a bit of self release before making this. release + sensitive skin = 👹
learning more about my biomechanics and anatomy has been incredibly enlightening experience. and taking my healing into my own hands has been unbelievably empowering ✨ if you have any similar experience with hypermobility leading to instability, comment or dm me! i feel like i don’t see nearly enough about this problem on #yogainstagram which tends to focus mostly on the positives of the practice 🌝 i know i can’t be the only one who has gone through pain like this that was partly caused by irresponsible/non-embodied yoga practice leading to muscular imbalance. one of my missions as a teacher is to help others learn about their anatomy and how to achieve their physical goals safely 💕