Maiaflow x Raydons

My friend Rachel and I are both artists who explore the physical body in our respective mediums. She is a brilliant stylist who creates intricate, unique hand-tied rope accessories that challenge conventional notions of what bondage looks like.

Her designs bring to mind the relationship of sthira and sukha. In any yoga pose we must be strong and alert (sthira) but we must also be gentle and relaxed (sukha). Typically, a rope harness is tough and restricting – Rachel adds softness.

We combined her ropes with asana and watched what happened when poses that encourage free-moving breath and prana were bound by her harnesses.

Styled & shot by Rachel Donelan

DSC_7788Eka pada rajakapotasana x hanumanasana




DSC_8297Bridge pose


DSC_8580King cobra pose